Storyline Resources - document file won't open once published

I have attached a number of documents in the resource list however once published they will not open.  Nothing happens.  I also have some urls/links in the resource section and these are opening fine in a separate window.   I have deleted my browser history, shut down and reopened Storyline and reattached the resources but am completely stumped as to why these will not work.

I have also moved the documents to a base folder so the file path was not too long and replaced all spaces with an underscore but nothing is working.

Note I have attached documents in previous versions and they have worked fine.  Is there some inherent issue in the updated version??  I am currently using Update 4. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

With thanks


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cath,

Thanks for confirming the piece regarding your file path, have you also checked that the files are all located on your local drive? Additionally, when you're testing the links where are you testing the published output? You'll want to load within the intended environment to properly test and ensure you don't encounter any local security restrictions. 

Additionally, if Storyline is behaving oddly, have you confirmed that it's this one file or all your Storyline files? If it's just the one file, it's possible the file may have experienced some corruption and you could try importing it into a new project.  If it's happening across all your files, I'd suggest starting with a simple repair of Storyline. 

If you're still experiencing difficulty after the repair and confirming the other elements, can you share your .story file with us here? If you'd prefer to share privately you can also send it along here. 

Grace Tang


I'm running into something similar to the issue described in this thread.

I needed to make a correction to a Storyline file and re-published the CD output to our internal web server. Under "Resources," I attached a PDF resource file that will not open no matter how many times I re-attach the file from my local drive and re-publish the CD output.

The resource file used to open before I made the correction and re-published the CD output. I'm not sure what has changed after the correction.

After reading Ashley's last post, I considered importing the slides into a new project but I really don't have time to redo all the player and slide settings. I've submitted the source file to Articulate Support, but I'm hoping some E-Learning Heroes might already know some tricks to fix this issue.

Btw, the PDF file opens when I test the LMS output on SCORM Cloud. So far, the only issue is the CD output on our internal web server.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Rob - I would stand behind the same recommendations that Ashley shared above if you are running into the same issues here.

As far as the case that Grace filed with our team - we were able to replicate when utilizing her custom player, but not with the built-in player. We did not hear back from the user to confirm that she was able to alleviate the issue as well.

Feel free to reach out to our team as well if needed after your troubleshooting.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Brandy,

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing a similar issue as well.

This thread is a bit dated and it looks like the issues may have been file specific. If you'd like for us to take a look at your .story file, then feel free to share.

Some common reasons I've seen that can cause an issue that you may want to look into:

  • Not saving/uploading from your local C: Drive
  • File name too long

Hope that helps and just let us know if you want us to take a look at your file to see if we spy what may be happening. If you cannot share here in the forums, you can share here privately.

Mercedes Rothwell

Hello, I was just about to post about this very same issue. 

I followed the steps from this post about linking a resource in the course player. When I publish it to my local system and attempt to open it, I get this error:

File not found error

I checked the file path it is trying to use, and it looks like the correct one, except it is adding %20 to account for spaces. The file is a PDF file and I have the ability to open those on my system normally, so that doesn't appear to be the issue. A screenshot of the trigger I used is shown below.

Trigger Wizard