Storyline360: Screen Reader Issues

May 31, 2022

Good afternoon all!

I'm pretty new to Storyline360 and was tasked with making some eLearnings ADA compliant. I've changed the focus order and added Alternate Text to images, but when I produce the eLearning to the Web to test with a screen reader, the NVA is reading things I've removed from the focus order and not reading things when I tab through the slide.


Any suggestions?

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Luciana Piazza

Hello Mark and welcome to E-Learning Heroes and our Articulate 360 product suite! 

Thank you for reaching out about your issue with your screen reader not functioning as expected. 

I want to share a few resources that might help you as you're troubleshooting:

If you can share the .story file here or through a support case, we're happy to investigate what's happening and help you troubleshoot. 

Sandeep Gadam

Hello Mark, I suggest you to try this step and see if this works for you. After removing unwanted objects from the focus order, right click on the specific object and select "Accessibility" and uncheck "Object is visible to accessibility tools" option and text your course again.

Hope this will fix your issue.

Best Regards