Text size shrinks when PPT imported into Articulate

Sep 07, 2021

Hello Team, 

I have an issue where my text size is shrinking in articulate after I have imported a PPT and therefore is not the same size as the text in the PPT.

I am choosing the same screen size in story as in the PPT (16:9 wide). But I am having to adjust the text size for all my slides manually as sometimes it is too small to read. 

Is there something else I need to click on before I start the import? 

Thank you in advance.



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Becca Levan

I'm sorry to hear you've hit this snag, Reema. We're here to help!

To start, take a peek at these additional tips to see if something helps nail down the issue:

If you can share the PowerPoint file with me, I'd be happy to take a closer look. You can either share it publicly with the Add Attachment button or share it privately here.

Reema Prabhakar

Hi Becca, 

Thank you for getting back to me. I have attached a 'test' PPT which imported into storyline 360 to test. The text size imported as the same font (PF Highway Sans Pro medium) but a smaller text size. The heading text size has imported as size 18 (32 in PPT) and body size as 9 (size 16 in PPT). 

I have also attached the screen shot of the story size I selected - same as the PPT widescreen 16:9.

I also adjusted the screen size to smaller size (back to 720 x 405) but that only made the screen size smaller and the text still shrinking. 

The text is shrinking right after the PPT import is finished into storyline - so before i have saved the storyline file. So I don't think where I am saving it is causing the issue? 

Thank you for your help! 


Becca Levan

Hello again, Reema! Appreciate you sharing these extra details and a sample. Happy to keep at this with you!

When importing from Powerpoint, it's important to match the sizes of the two projects.

I noticed your Powerpoint file has a presentation size of 13.333 in x 7.5 in:

You'll want to set your story size in Storyline to match that aspect ratio. If we convert inches to pixels, it would be roughly 1280 x 720. Here's a short Peek recording of that.

That should do it! Let me know if this works for you 😊