updated Storyline 360 Quiz template for Excel


I got a bit fed up with the issues with the current available import quiz excel template so I updated it and added more information to make things easier (hopefully) :). It means less explanations. errors, issues etc when giving to SME's to create questions correctly.

The current excel template is an XLS file and actually crashes Storyline when trying to import it.

I updated it to .XLXS and added a new workbook with an example of each question type.

You can copy the question type of your choice into the first workbook "Question Bank to Import" (Storyline only looks at the first workbook)

The Second workbook "QUESTION Examples" provides a simple example of each question and survey type.

I also added instructions on importing and creating Question banks from the imported questions.

I tested these questions multiple times to ensure they import as expected.

If you just copy the questions as is and pasted them into the first workbook, they should all import as expected where you can then format as required.

Hopefully you will find this useful.

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