Video publishing choppy at transitions

Hey all, 

I am trying to export and post a 10m course to youtube as an mp4 but can't get a clean export from Storyline 360. I have tried adjusting transitions and video/audio quality and made a few small improvements with the choppiness or harsh animation in spots. I also tried re-building in Replay with a screen capture and it lost clear resolution. The problem spots are at 2m 40s, and 9m 20s. I even tried cutting some slides down in time and number of items and it didn't really help (the last mp4).

Any advice would be really appreciated!


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Hey Katie, 

Gerald is trying to help, but in the mp4s he has provided I am still finding glitches with no explanation as to why they are happening or how I can prevent/fix them. He suggested I reduce the dimensions to 720 and step back the video quality but I still am exporting mp4s with glitches (latest attached with a slide flicker at 2m 21s and 4m 50s - then I stopped watching). 

This is the type of project I will be working on for the next couple months. Important questions at this point are:

1) Is there something in I am doing in the build?
2) Is it a known and unresolved issue from articulate?
3) Is there another way to get an export to come out clean consistently?

I am at a loss on how to provide a finished product to my clients even though the work is done. The project was due yesterday and I would love any additional assistance you could provide. 



Ren Gomez

Hi Ion,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this same issue as well! In working with Jay, we've determined it to be a bug where glitches appear when the video quality is set to Very High.

Feel free to share your file with our support team if you'd like some help troubleshooting to confirm. Otherwise, you're in the right place to stay updated on this bug we're actively troubleshooting.

Leonard Serban

Hi. Is this case solved? I have the same issues and is full of glitches. And I'm also wasting time exporting just to realize is full of glitches.


Check the one I attached. Glitch at 0:20. It took me 2 days to get here. Initially, it was full of glitches, but I have been exporting over and over again until I got here.

I've been changing the recording duration in action fine-tuning. But I'm working blindly because as one problem solves, others comes...


EDIT: I guess I "solved" it by backing up to v3.36.21289.0

Lauren Connelly

Hi Leonard! 

I'm so sorry this software bug is affecting your project! We are seeing videos are choppy when published using very high quality. It is a bug our team is currently investigating, so we hope to share a fix soon. 

I appreciate you taking the time to share both the story file and video with us! We'll report back to this discussion when we have an update.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone,

Great news!  We just released another update for Articulate 360 and included a few important fixes you'll see in the release notes.

The item you'll be interested in is:

Fixed: When publishing a project with slide transitions to a video file with very high quality, brief flashes or glitches could occur in the published output.

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for Storyline 360. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.

Becca Levan

Hello Kate,

Thanks for following up here, and I'm sorry to hear you're facing a similar issue. The issue reported here was related to video files with very high quality causing glitches in the published output. 

  • Does this happen with a very high-quality video or all videos? Also, does this happen in a brand new Storyline file or just one specific project?

It sounds like you have some additional things going on in your project, so I'd love if you'd connect with one of our support engineers here to help determine the exact cause!