Web object size (Storyline3)

Nov 08, 2017

Hi all. 

I'm trying web objects (HTML5) for the first time, and can't figure out how to display the entire web page inside the Storyline player, without scroll bars (see attachment from a PC).

I've tried adjusting all the standard web-object settings. Do I need javascript?


Also, I want the web-objects to be viewable with mobile devices as well, so will be publishing in HTML5 (I don't want to use the Mobile Player). Will the remedy to the above problem also enable users to view web-objects correctly with iOS/Android devices? Thanks.

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Azizi Abdullah

No I don't have access to the web content, which is pretty much the reason I'm using a web object. 

I've found a work-around myself though. In summary, I just increased the web object so it was bigger than the slide in SL3. Steps below:

  1. Open the web object in a normal browser window and resize the window until scroll bars appear. Increase the again size slightly until they disappear.
  2. Take a screen capture of the content of the window using something like snipit. Don't include the menu bars etc in the snip.
  3. Paste the snip into an image editing application like paint or gimp and go to the resize image menu. This will tell you the size of the window you just snipped.
  4. Set the web object to the size of the snipped window. This means the web object will be larger than the slide in many cases, but the scroll bars will be gone. 

Depending on the user's browser and display settings this may not work perfectly every time. Also, making the web object larger than the slide will potentially mean some of the web object won't be displayed in the e-learning. If this content needs to be accessed, you need the scroll bars back!