Zoom Region Hides Shapes in Chrome

Oct 29, 2019

After setting my project aside for a few months and coming back to it there are three slides with zoom regions not allowing the green squares to show properly in Google Chrome. The zoom works in Internet Explorer. I removed the zoom and the squares show. I tried moving the shape and Zoom Region to different places on the timeline and still nothing.   

Storyline 360 (applied recent updates)

Player: Modern (HTML5 Only)

Chrome: Version 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit)


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sandra!

Those are great troubleshooting steps! It's hard to determine what the culprit is without seeing the course. Would you mind sharing that with us?

You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

Katie Riggio

Sorry to hear you're facing this obstacle, Amanda. I'd love to help!

While I don't have a solution to share from Sandra's scenario at this time, we're ready to keep digging! A few questions to help us narrow down the cause:

  • Where did you host the published output?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing your .story file for testing? As Lauren mentions, you can share it publicly here, or privately with our Support team here. We'll have a thorough look at the zoom region behavior in Chrome, and delete it when we solve this puzzle!
Amanda Olson

Thank you for your response. We hosted on SCORM Cloud, published for the web, hosted on local computer, and viewed from the Chrome browser with personal wi-fi hotspot, and in our network LMS. We have the same issue no matter where we host the files or view them. It works well in other browsers and in the Storyline preview.

I'll share the files privatey with the Support team. 

Espen Lund

I have a similar problem with zoom regions, but it appears also in the preview mode in SL 360, as well as in 360 review mode.
I have a video with text boxes on top. The text boxes appear along the timeline as the video progresses. This works fine, but when I add a zoom region to zoom in on the video and the area where a text box appears, the video covers the text box. The text box is on top of the video.
Anyone experiencing the same?
If I remove the video the text box appears as it should in the correct place in the zoom region.
If I remove the zoom region the text box appears as it should on top of the video.
If I change the position of the video, I can see the text box appears where it should.

Why is the video covering the text box when I zoom in?

I have 3 groups of these text boxes, all on top of the same video. Two of the groups have this problem, the third is working normal. I am not able to understand what is going wrong here. And, it worked before because I have this published on our LMS (from a year ago) and there it works.

Story file attached.

Appreciate any advice and help to solve this problem.

Please note I have replaced the video and removed the voice over and much of the texts as this is company confidential information. The timing on the slide does not make any sense now, but that is due to the removed items. Still the problem is there. You can see the first text box blinking before it is hidden by the video just when the zoom region 1 starts

Espen Lund

I just found out that if I remove the entrance animation on the text box group 1, they show up on top of the video. But, still very strange as the text box group 3 have the same animation and these works?
I also created a similar project from scratch, and there everything works as it should.
I am really wondering what is going on with my project here...

Attach a project started from scratch. Everything work here until I add entrance animation "fade" to the 3 boxes. Then box 1 and 2 disappears, box 3 works.

Ren Gomez

Hi Esper,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing those files! I noticed the same behavior in the latest update of Storyline 360, so I've opened a case on your behalf for our support team to take a closer look.

Once our team is done testing, they'll reach back out with next steps!

In the meantime, have you tried deleting and recreating the first two shapes to see if they show the same behavior?

Jen Fahrmann

I am having the same issue with caption boxes and arrows not appearing within a Zoom window unless I remove the animation feature (neither entrance or exit works).  If I use the animation feature (which I REALLY need to do), the shape, caption, etc, does not show up within the Zoom region.

This is holding up my project and was wondering if there was an update on this?  Thank you!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jen!

It sounds like you're running into a bug that we've logged where closed captions and shapes aren't appearing in zoom regions when animations are tied to the closed captions and shapes. 

As a workaround, I'd suggest using the trigger to lightbox a slide to ensure that everything you have on the slide appears as expected. 

I'm so sorry this is affecting your workflow. If we can help find another workaround for your project, don't hesitate to share the .story file with us!

Jen Fahrmann

I don't want the learner to have to click on anything to open up the caption or shape.  It is a demo of a website and of a specific software tool.  The captions or shapes automatically appear alongside the recorded voice-over.  How can I share my .story file with you to see what another workaround is for this?  Thank you!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jen!

Thank you for these details! I see that you've connected with our Support Engineers in a support case. Great call!

I see that my teammate, Lianne, logged this as a possible software bug to continue looking into a fix. We'll keep you updated in your case on the progress of a fix. Thank you for taking the time to troubleshoot with our team!

Dakota Brown

Lauren, thanks so much for taking a look!  Yes, I'm seeing the same thing (except yours didn't show the 2! with the exclamation point, no biggie).

So, I have the red shapes -circles - to highlight the text.  Please ignore the pink hand curser, that's a different issue that I'm familiar with.  The red shapes show at the bottom left where they go off the slide a bit, but I would like them to show up in the zoom regions.  So, to emphasize the visual layout of the page, I am zooming AND using the red circle shapes.


The circles were fine until I inserted the zooms after.


I've redone the whole project (attached) but would still like to get the zoom and shape features to work together for future projects. The new project does not have shapes on zoom.



Lauren Connelly

Hello Dakota!

Thank you for sharing those additional details! I only see one red circle shape in your course with an animation highlighting the Log Out of all devices text. Is there another one?

If it's not too much trouble, it would be helpful to see a screen recording of what you're looking to create.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone!

I wanted to update this discussion to share that we no longer see this issue where shapes with entrance animations disappear when placed inside zoom regions and on top of a video when using the latest version of Storyline 360, Build 3.61.27106.0.

If you or others are experiencing any additional issues using the latest update, don't hesitate to contact our support team directly.