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Richard Watson


A few thoughts here. 

1. There are a few comments on Allego here




2. If you don't hear from anyone, I suggest creating a few Rise and Storyline 360 samples (SCORM, non-SCORM) and asking the company to demonstrate uploading and setting them up during a demo. Then, have them show you what type of tracking they can provide for the courses.

I reviewed their website but didn't find any specifications regarding SCORM support or anything on their blog about Storyline. When working with LMS vendors, I like to provide them with something I create and ask them to upload and set up the sample courses during the demo. Not only will it show you what is involved, but it will also show you whether their LMS will work with your content.

For added benefit, consider uploading your SCORM packages to SCORM Cloud's LMS to make sure the SCORM packages are solid. That way, if it doesn't work with Allego, you can tell them you tested it on an industry-standard SCORM LMS.

I hope this helps you a little.