Compliance Certification

Jan 26, 2024

I have a lot of Compliance policies that have to be "read" each year and signed off that you have read, understand and will abide by the policy. How could I build a course around a policy that someone has to read and certify that have read it? 

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Megan! 

I'm sure the community will have lots of ideas for you but one thing you could do, since this is a compliance course where you'll want the users to get in, read the policy, say they'll abide by it, and get out, I would create a Rise 360 course and upload the policy there (or copy and paste the text into a Rise block or series of blocks). Then, use the Rise 360 list block with checkboxes and require that they check the box. I mocked up a really simple example for you here!: 

Bianca Woods

Hi Megan. In the past, I've used an approach similar to what Elizabeth suggested for policy-based courses that required a learner attestation. SO it definitely can work.

That said, one way to make those kinds courses a bit more engaging is to break up the sub-sections of the policy with content that shows how they apply in the learner's real world. Think things like stories about ways that policy comes up your workplace and what to do, real examples of times people made mistakes with the policy and what the fallout was, scenario interactions, knowledge check questions about how the policy connects to tasks the learner does on the job, and more.

Doing this breaks up dry content. But it also helps people understand what exactly they're supposed to do with this information. And that's more likely to keep them from making policy mistakes than the policy text alone.