ELC 329 - Using Video Backgrounds in eLearning

Jun 04, 2021

For this weeks challenge we had to use video backgrounds to engage learners.

I created a game called "Smooth Operator."  Here is how it was developed.


Adding a Video Background

This was simple to do.  Find a video from the Content Library, insert it into the Slide Master.  Have the video play when the slide opens.  Refresh the video when the video ends.

video trigger

The video gave me the idea for the game.  A game where you answered phones.

Creating the Interface

I wanted the interface for the game to look like a phone console.  I used a glassmorphism technique to create a 3-d effect and to keep the background video visible.

The LINE buttons use a button set so that only one can be clicked at a time.  Here are their states.

The message center displays which line is ringing.  Here are it's states.

The timer counts down from 60 to 0.  It uses an off-slide animation for timing and an audio file playing concurrently.  Note the duration of the motion path is 1 second and we subtract 1 from the variable time each time the path completes.

The Game

With the panel together we can now manage the game play.

Basically we randomly choose 1 of the 5 lines, and for each line we choose one of three callers.  So this gives us a total of 15 possibilities which should be enough.

We display which line the call is coming in on by changing the state of the line, and the message center.  In round 1 we also provide an text-to-speech audio prompt.

We then play a text-to-speech audio of the caller.  We wait for the players input into the input box.

Once we receive the players input we open a "Checker Layer" which compares the users response to the variables and adjust the score accordingly.

Game play continues until time runs out.


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