ELH 368 Progress Indicators Discussion

Apr 18, 2022

The challenge this week is to create a course that includes progress indicators so the participant knows where they are in the course.

I found myself building and then adding to this make your own adventure game. There are so many options and ways to make this work. This concept is to give newer Storyline 360 designers a place to start especially if they have not entered into the game-based learning world.

You can add more doors, more castle rooms, and quiz questions to have a more complex game. You can also add levels having people go to different areas of the castle before they can get out. I used images from Freepik.com. Specifically, I searched for castles vector only and then used castle interior and castle rooms. The floor plans can be found under dungeon map.

I decided to have just three rooms that lead to floor plans and then back to a map that shows the player’s progress. To create a map, I placed images of the rooms around the castle, and used variables to show if the room had been visited or not. I also show the player how many tiles they have clicked to find the key to the room. You could add other features to keep the player guessing or give them clues as they get close.

To show progress, I wanted the player to see the rooms they had visited or not especially if they did not take the first room. Each label had a state for Yes and No. If the room was visited, the state was changed to Yes, otherwise the No appeared. The image for that room also appeared on the picture of the staircase. Each time the player completed a room, they went back to the Great Hall to select another door.

          Game Map  Quiz Example

In the second room, I added a quiz question with custom feedback to make it interesting and keep it like a game. This is just to demonstrate how it can be done and more questions could be added to make the game complex. This is where you can add business questions to make the game relevant to business needs not only a game.

The Story file is attached. Go to the Challenge or play the game here.

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