Free Music?

Oct 20, 2015

I need to use music under a course and wondered if anyone knows of where there might be completely free music. I have been able to find royalty free music, but it costs quite a bit. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Christy Tucker

This site has Creative Commons (CC) licensed music. You have to give attribution, but they even generate the credit text for you. Just choose what you're using in the checklist.

On Soundcloud, you can search for music with a CC license. If this is for commercial use, make sure you use the appropriate filter on the left (probably "To modify commercially"). As with the above, you'll have to give attribution for the source.

Purple Planet might work for you, but read the license terms carefully. The free license won't work for all e-learning, even with attribution.

Sophie Volovik

Hi Susan,

Sophie here from Foximusic, we are a music production house selling royalty free music. Using FREE MUSIC would most likely get you in a place where you loose your monetisation revenue from your content. We just published a detailed article about that subject: What Is Royalty Free Music? (And What’s Not). You are more than welcome to have a look.

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