FREE: Nautical themed 3-part template with circular navigation menu

Feb 21, 2023

Hey everyone!

Working on the next #ELHChallengeCircular Menu Navigation, I came up with this experimental design that uses a nautical theme.

Check it out!

I've used the new else trigger condition to make the dial-based menu more responsive.  On slides 1.1, 1.3 and 1.4, the dial includes a two-second 'cut-off', to allow users to 'throttle' past position two and skip to position three.

I built the E.O.T.-inspired dial in PowerPoint and then doubled its height in Pixlr, so it pivots from the base.

The fishing boat is adapted from a Microsoft Paint 3D model.

The isometric/angled icons and subtle video background on slide 1.2 were also created in PowerPoint.

All sound effects are CC0 / Free To Use from, as follows: 

You can remove or change the ship's registry (ELHC 406) by deleting or editing the text box in its Normal, Anchor Up and Go! states.

There are two slides for the third section.  One appears with a soft fade when accessed via the second section, whereas the other pushes in when accessed directly from the first section.  This means if you jump from section one to section three, you simply appear to travel from left to right.

Please contact me at if you have any questions about this demo.

Bon Voyage!

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