Free Template Download - How I Built This Knife Progress Meter in Storyline

Mar 18, 2023

For the 3/18/23 eLearning challenge we were tasked with creating a progress meter.

Here is my submission:

Defining the Assetts

I originally was thinking about a set of knives and a totally different interaction which invoved tips for chefs.

Ten Tips for Becoming a Master Chef | Review 360 (

I realized that the knives were taking up to much real estate on the screen so I decided to use one knife instead.

This was created using a knife image in PowerPoint with a semi-transparent black box over the top of the image.

I found that if I used 10" as the size of the box and the image, it divided perfectly into 100 states.

Basically, you create the box and cover the image.  Then use the properties to decrement the width of the box one step at a time.  Then copy and paste as a picture and name accordingly.  The final image will have to be flipped in Storyline so that the visability grows from left to right.

About an hour later I had all of my images.

Using the Slide Master View

I didn't want all of the triggers to be on my main slide and I wanted the process to be duplicatable, so I added the first image to the top of a Slide Master template.

And then the triggers

I decided that the best way to change the state of the image was to use Storyline's built in Scene Progress variable (for some reason Storyline calls this Progress through Section)

When you revisit the trigger it shows it as Scene Progress

Then you just need 100 triggers . . .

Notice I don't use an equals sign to select the state of the picture but rather two conditions which isolate the value between two numbers.  That is because when Storyline calcluates the percentage complete, that variable may not be a whole number.  Since we don't know what the number will be exactly, using the Between option didn't fit our needs.


If you are willing to put in the work you can create a template similar to the one I did, or you can just take mine.

Storyline Template creation is a great tool for doing something once then taking advantage of your work well into the future.

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