GUIDE: Collect Activity Info with xAPI and Storyline

Jan 07, 2020

Hi everyone! I've been working on a new batch of xAPI + Storyline tutorials, so you can imagine that I'm super excited to share them with everyone.

Before diving into these intermediate tutorials, though, you should probably head over to this thread and complete the Getting Started series: (this will teach you how to send your first xAPI statement from Storyline).

When you're ready, feel free to check out this new tutorial. It's all about how to collect additional activity information from your xAPI statements:

Stay tuned for additional xAPI and Storyline tutorials! More are coming :)

3 Replies
Alison  L.

Hey. So if I can figure out how to send xapi stuff to an LRS using storyline with the course living in DOCEBO.

You did a bunch of "GUIDES", but I wonder if they need to be updated with Storylines new functionality when it comes to their support of xAPI. ?

If not, COOL! - I'll keep reading veraciously