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Kim Ellis

Hi Tony, 

I haven't used it since June so there will have been some updates since then.  I didn't have many problems with uploading the zip files from storyline 2 (didn't use 360 back then).  One issue we came across was the courses not tracking completion, users had to clear their cache and cookies and restart their browser to get it to work, sometimes they had to do that twice.  

I never got to the bottom of that issue, it may have been some software we were running in the background interfering.

Other than that it was ok, sometimes a nightmare when I had to mass enrol the entire company on courses because you can only do 1000 at once.  With the tracking, I needed to run 2 reports, one for who were enrolled and one for who had completed.  This was because Workday didn't enrol people automatically so they wouldn't come up on the completion report.  They may have come up with a fix for that since I was fiddling around.

I have a couple of quick reference guides, one for adding an outlook calendar invite to a course and one for creating a course which is in the past.  If you'd like me to ping them over to you send me your email address.

Hope this all helps, give me a shout if you want to have a chat or need more info.


Steve Bunce

Hi Lori,

We are using SL360 and are publishing in Scorm 1.2/html5 to Workday. We have run into issues with Workday recognizing bank questions from Quizmaker. The bank is a large group of questions (60+) that pulls a random 25 questions as well as another topic that utilizes all the questions (around 12). While importing quiz to SL360 it shows the 12 questions as independent slides and the bank questions as one slide totaling 17 slides. Workday is completing at 17 slides when in actuality it is 12 + the 25 randomized questions. Following so far?  

Eboni DuBose

We are piloting right now and built course in Rise (with Storyline interactions). We are highly disappointed in the LMS.  It was purchased before our Learning team was assembled by the HR team so we're stuck with it for 18 more months :-(.  

It's in an it's infancy so lacks critical aspects that LMS should have.  

  1. We have noticed that when a learner completes a course and then revisits the course, it totally starts them off in a new course.  It doesn't ask if you would like to resume, etc?  it starts them off back off in the beginning of the course.  Thus we now have to open our navigation so that learners once they complete courses, won't have to go through all of there course.
  2. If you need to update a course, it totally wipes out a learner's progress.  There is NO (update a new version) option.  So if you made any typos or had a glitch in a simulation, learners progress is LOST.  They are back to the beginning of the course every time the course is updates. Your QA game had better be magnificent! 
  3. Reporting is atrocious.  It's just excel sheets that you have to export.  Nothing pretty about it.  Also The dashboard defaults to tables not graphs.  And you can't make it default to graphs to make getting a quick glimpse easier. 

Those that are using Workday, are you encountering this as well? Are we doing something wrong?