Quiz Results Review over Multiple Scenes

I have 7 quiz questions spread throughout 3 scenes. The quiz results work fine. When I click to "Review Quiz" it goes through the questions in the first quiz in scene one but doesn't advance to the quiz question results in the next scene. Any suggestions for continuing the review when the questions are spread across scenes? 

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Nicole Legault

Hi Fran!

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting your question!

Here's how you can accomplish what you're trying to achieve:

  • On the last question in Scene 1, click the Slide Properties button in the Layers pane. (the little gear icon)
  • Select the option for Next button to appear. (Before this, it should only have Submit button selected)
  • This will automatically create a Trigger to 'Jump to next slide when next button is clicked'. in the Triggers pane.
  • Change the link from next slide, to the next question in the next scene.
  • Then you have to copy the trigger you just created, go back into slide properties and Uncheck the Next button. (This will remove the trigger you just created), but then you can paste it back.

Voila. That's how you get the Next button to link to a specific slide when you revisit the Question slide during the review.

Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any issues,


Lauren Franza

I am assuming this issue has not been fixed yet in Storyline 360 because I am experiencing the same issue; I have a scene that ends with a question slide. After a user has answered the question and decides to review the questions, they cannot proceed forward from the last question slide in the scene. 

My work around is much simpler than above: add a blank slide after the question slide. Be sure to:

  • Add a trigger to the blank slide that says "Jump to slide *SLIDENAMEHERE* when Timeline Starts on *THIS SLIDE*." 
  • Remove the blank slide from your Player Menu so it doesn't show up for users to see.

It's not perfect, but it is almost seamless on the user side of things, and it doesn't add any unnecessary NEXT buttons.


Eric Rassin

I am having this same issue.  After the last question of each scene, I have a blank results slide. After all 7 sections are completed, those blank results slides score onto one slide to see all of the scores. The issue that I am having is that when I go to review questions after completion, I only see the first scene give correct/incorrect and the rest are just blank based on the users inputs. Any thoughts?

Eric Rassin

I did what it said above but it did not work.  Just to give a little bit more detail, I have a results slide that follows the last question of each scene. Does this process need to be completed on that slide or the last physical question.  The results slide is hidden and the score comes up at the end on one results slide to show the scores from all seven completed sections. Thanks in advance for your help.

Sharon Lam

Right. This does not work in 360 as it pastes back as an unassigned trigger. I found that the issue occurs when the quiz page is the last page of a "Scene" in Storyline. Without assigning the quiz page going to the next "Scene, " the Next button (when revisiting the page after Submitted the answer), the Next button is a dead button. I'm trying to look for a solution.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Sharon,

One workaround that's been working for some people to insert a blank slide after the quiz question that contains a trigger to jump to (wherever needed) when the timeline starts.

Hopefully, that'll work for you too! If not, please reach out to our Support Team so they can have a look. You can submit a case here.

Peggy Harris

So, if I understand this correctly, when the last slide of a scene is a Knowledge Check or quiz question, and the Next button is deactivated, the following occurs after a student answers the question: If the student navigates back to this slide, the Submit button becomes a Next button, with default action of advancing to the next slide.  However, this next slide MUST be in the current scene.  If the Knowledge Check (or quiz question) is the last slide in a scene, the Next button does nothing (takes no action).

This issue has been raised for at least six years, and appears to continue to be the default action (not allowing the Next button that replaces Submit, to advance to the first slide in the next scene). This means developers must manually override the default action with one of the following options.

  1. Using the properties dialog for the last (quiz question) slide in the scene, set revisit action to Reset to initial state. This means that if the student revisits this slide while reviewing the scene, they must re-answer this question every time it is visited. 
  2. Create a blank slide at the end of the scene. Keep the default action (Submit becomes Next, which advances to the next slide in the scene) for the Knowledge Check or quiz question slide. Set a trigger on the blank slide to jump to the first slide of the next scene, when the timeline starts on this slide

Are there any other options that do not require these extra steps?