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Peter Ward

Chiming in here to express my disappointment that Articulate has not added this functionality after 4 years of requests by people who have paid the very high price for this app suite. Including system audio is basic functionality included in many other (far less expensive) screen recording apps. I attempted the fix Maria shared above and it was a mess. Not only did it not work, but I got blasted with feedback while attempting to implement this convoluted "fix."

Becky Holman

Hi Leslie 

Yes I have seen this, but I can record system sound on platforms like Panopto with a simple click of a button within the platform itself. Today I used Panopto over Peek for the sheer ease of not having to go through other steps to set up an aggregate device. Therefore I think customers would rather have the request added to the road map as opposed to being given a workaround. 

Edwin Koh

Hi Articulate, Peek 360 is a decent screen screen grab tool. But in this endemic era, there has been a huge demand in the industry to also capture both video and system audio at the same time for training purposes. Without it, it greatly dampens the UX of Peek. (The experience is as though driving a vintage car with just FM Radio and you have to self-modify the player with a weird third-party Bluetooth adaptor to play Spotify). Having this feature will meaningfully improve the experience of Peek and benefit all users. I am not sure why this basic feature is not incorporated into Peek from the start. I suspect it may be due to copyright issues etc.

2022 is a new year with new goals and wishes from all of us. Would the team be able to advise if you will be looking into it in the new year and share any new updates on the the expected implementation timeline of this feature?