Articulate Review: Passwords Being Required

I'm using Articulate Review for the first time for my Articulate Presenter 360 course. Even though I have checked the box that allows people to enter comments without a password,  when the reviewer clicks the comment box, she enters her email address, but then is asked for a password. The reviewer does not have any previous experience with Articulate, so does not have an existing Articulate account/password. What can I do?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Siesonn,

It looks like your settings are spot on. If your contacts don’t have an Articulate ID and are still prompted for a password, I’d like to open a case on your behalf and dig deeper into why that’s happening. Be looking out for an email soon!

By the way, it looks like you may have replied by email where your contact information came through. This Peek video will show you how to edit it out if you’d like!

Melanie Brooks

All of my reviewers are reporting this problem this week. None of them have ever created Articulate IDs, all of them have reviewed before, and my settings are correct (Articulate ID not required to leave comments).

I watched today as one reviewer tried to leave comments. After clicking on the link, she was prompted to put in her work email, which she did, then it prompted her to sign it to Articulate (she has never had an ID with Articulate). It won't let her comment without doing so. Yes, my settings are correct.

She has tried to go the lost password route (maybe Articulate assigned her a password). Will update you if that works. 

This is pretty frustrating. Can someone help. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Melanie,

I'm really sorry you all have run into such a snag with this! Our team has spotted a few similar instances, and in all of those cases the individuals did have Articulate IDs at one time and that's what we're validating against.

An easy way I've tested this is to add a "dummy comment" using an entirely fake email (for example, I posted one recently with <-- not real) and was able to add a comment without logging in. 

In case you've hit a new unknown issue, I'm having our Support Team reach out to you via email. This way we can look into specific email addresses for you privately and share details. 

Breanne Myers

Hi, myself and other colleagues who use Articulate have been experiencing this same issue with Review. We are:

  • Checking the box to allow users without Articulate IDs to comment
  • Leaving the box unchecked that would require a password
  • Starting out with these settings so it is not related to changing the settings after creating initial share link
  • Seeing SMEs and reviewers who have never had Articulate IDs be prompted to enter a password after entering an email and clicking "Next" on the prompt (and confirmed they are -not- clicking the blue "Sign In" button in the top right corner).

Is there an update on this issue? In the meantime, we are trying to instruct people to use dummy emails as you advised, but as you can imagine this still creates issues. Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Breanne,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm happy to answer your question:
Is there a resolution for SMEs who are seeing the password prompt, despite never having an Articulate ID?

In each of the scenarios above, our team has worked one-on-one to confirm that one of the following was the culprit:

  • An SME did have an Articulate ID - these are used to trial any versions of Articulate software, download resources in our ELH Community, or post discussions here.
  • Individuals needed to enable the network endpoints and ports listed here to access Articulate tools 
  • The SME was choosing the option to Sign In to comment and therefore seeing a password prompt vs. simply entering their email. 

It sounds like you already ruled out option #3, and are leaning towards option #1 not being true - but we're happy to check to confirm! Click here to open a Support Case so you can share their emails privately and we'll take a look! 

Breanne Myers

Thank you for the quick response! I do think we can rule out bullet point #1 because these are people who hadn't even heard of Articulate before so wouldn't have had even a trial version.

Bullet point #2 is something I can try to look into, though I'm not sure when I'll have access to these SMEs again to investigate. Most of them are State employees, so maybe it has something to do with operating within networks configured by our technology department that may be extra careful about settings due to State government regulations. I'm just speculating though because the Network Endpoint info is a little over my head, but I'd love to learn more when I can. The current pandemic crisis will probably punt this lower down the to-do list until the next review cycle is upon us.