Happy Halloween! 1st Course Complete :)

Sep 16, 2020

Hi everyone,

I am new to the community and just finished my first demo course - a Halloween trivia game. I am in the process of creating a few short courses for my portfolio and wanted to share.  I am a bit of a Halloween enthusiast and thought it would make for a fun and seasonal theme as I learn the software.

Happy Halloween!


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Jen Tully

Hi Sarah! Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. Yes, it is my first course! I have a background in illustration, art education and graphic design so I found the software to be very user friendly. Quick question: how are courses selected to be included as one of the elearning examples?

Thanks again :)

Sarah Hodge

Nice, Jen! I love all the creative detail. To answer your question, The Articulate team selects examples that people share here in the community and from the e-learning challenges. We identify different themes to highlight and then we select examples and downloads that fit with those themes. I added yours to our list to publish. 😊