Managing Review 360

While using the review feature, is there a way for the uploaded versions from a single developer be  transferred to another developer or the rest of the development team. We were using one developer to post on the 360 review site and we have quite a bit of customer comments/feedback and different versions. This developer is out for an extended period of time on leave and we would like to modify and upload new versions to the same original links provided to our customer and retain all versions and feedback.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tony, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Each user has a Review 360 dashboard to manage e-learning projects and stakeholder feedback. 

To retain the comment history, the original publisher will need to publish the revision.

We are tracking a feature request for additional team collaboration within Review 360, including transferring ownership. I've added this conversation to our report, which will allow us to share any updates with you here in the future.