Stop comment notifications for reviewers without Articulate ID

Hi everyone,

I've sent a review 360 link to coworkers who do not have Articulate IDs. They have commented extensively on my course and I've been answering them so everyone is kept in the loop about changes and can discuss.

However, I've received several complaints from coworkers receiving a large amount of notifications for comments (makes sense, we've been discussing a lot in the comments section).

Now, even though there is a link at the end of the email they can click to unsubscribe/change settings for notifications, they are then asked to log in. Since they do not have an Articulate ID, this is not possible and they end up having to delete every single notification email.

Is the only way to unsubscribe from notifications to register with Articulate? Or is there some other, simpler solution available?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kristin!

Great question! You'll be notified when someone comments on your review link. A reviewer will be notified if you reply to their comment, as well as anyone else who replies to their comment.

By chance is everyone replying to one comment thread? If so, everyone would be receiving notifications if they contributed. 

Kristin K.

Hi Lauren, I know I can turn off notifications when logged in. However, as I've been trying to say, my coworkers do NOT have an articulate ID and therefore cannot log into any system to turn off their comment notifications.

Is there any other way for them to turn off notifications without having to register with Articulate?

Katie Riggio

Hi, Kristin! Thank you for working closely with us on this.

Reviewers can comment without an Articulate ID, but they'll need to have an Articulate ID to change the frequency of email notifications at this time. (They don't need to be a member of any subscription.)

We're actively tracking requests around managing notifications to reviewers. I'll share your thoughts with the right team and communicate any new developments. Here's a look into how we prioritize such ideas!