Video Issue in Review


In the past there have been quite a few discussions published about Storyline compressing video. Within those discussions someone normally points out that the workaround is to replace the videos in the output folder under the location story_content. I've actually used this workaround a handful of times and with no problems.

Now that I'm using Articulate 360 I would like to leverage the capabilities of Review. However, I noticed in a recent project that the videos in the course would play without audio. I did replace the video files in the output folder everything worked as expected when the story.html file is launched. This leads me to believe it's a compression issue. 

After a bit of searching on the community I didn't see any related posts. If you, or someone you know, could be of help I would appreciate it. 

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Justin Grenier

Hi, Derek!

Storyline includes a feature affectionately nicknamed Don't Touch My Video, which allows course authors to specify that their videos shouldn't be compressed upon publish.  If you enable that feature, Storyline will publish your videos as-is, without any attempt at optimization.  Click here for instructions on turning video compression off.

If your videos continue to publish without audio, we want to help with that!  Can you share one or two of your source videos with us?  Click here if you'd prefer to do that privately.

Thanks for using Articulate 360!