Accessibility in Articulate Rise

Oct 19, 2021

Hi, I really get why courses should be designed and built with accessibility in mind, but is it law? I am looking at trying to ensure the builders of our Rise courses use the tools built into rise (need a list of these to). To do this I need to be sure of my facts as I am sure you will understand. Do private companies HAVE to build content with all the Alt Text, font size and contrast options? If my builders use Rise templates is this automatically compliant? We do not publish content to the public, all of it is hosted in a controlled LMS for employees.

Is it not a case of providing an alternative that suits the learners need if it is ever required or should all builds be mandated to conform to all the W3C requirements internally ?

Can anyone help cut though this, as the web is great but I need a straight answer and 3 hours of research later I am none the wiser really!


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