Audio in Rise?

May 13, 2019

Can audio be used in Rise?
I'd like to make a course in Rise, but we are required to have the audio of the text play as well. 

Is there an option to have an audio file play during a course lesson?


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeni,

Rise has incredible features including adding audio to course lessons! I found an article that explains adding audio in depth. 

This is the section I would focus on:


In labeled graphic, process, and timeline blocks, click the Record Audio microphone icon, then click either Start Recording or Upload a file.

You can also add a multimedia audio block on its own. Click Edit to open the sidebar. Choose either Upload or Start Recording.

The maximum file size for each audio file you upload to Rise 360 is 5 GB.

After adding audio, click Edit to remove or replace it.

Mac Users: Safari doesn’t support audio recording. Use Google Chrome or Firefox when you need to record narration in Rise 360.

If any other questions come up, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.