Best XLIFF Translation Software/Tool

Dec 06, 2021

Hello all! Is there a recommended translation software to best handle exported Rise XLIFF files?

I'm trying to make the translation process as easy as possible on a colleague of mine. Unfortunately any of the software the I have tried using really hasn't panned out. They don't import the information very accurately, and would still make for a pretty tedious translation process.

Thank you!

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Hello! I believe I already answered this question for Sebastien in another thread, but wanted to make sure you saw it as well, Josh:

I have seen many people in the ELH community have success with this tool: smartcat

They do say to make sure the tags translate properly, as sometimes they tend not to, but the rest of it translates just fine. 

Another tool I have seen people in the forums use with success: matecat 

Also, just in case you need it: Steps on Translating Course in Rise

I wish you both the best of luck in your translating ventures!