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Feb 26, 2018

I know that Rise currently does not have the capability to end with a certificate, I'm posting to see if anyone has come up with a creative work-around to have a certificate at the end of a Rise course that a learner could print and turn in (my company doesn't have an LMS so we have to input any completed modules into our ERP by hand-we're a little behind the times). 

If anyone has come up with a way to do this or at lease have something where we can print a name and a passed (or score but not required) that would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance!

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Kristie Malterre

I've developed a work-around for this using Google Slides, Google Forms, and the Form Publisher Google Chrome add-on.

I used Google Slides to create a certificate of completion template.

At the end of the Rise online module, I include a Google Form for students to complete, which collects their email address, first and last name, and date that they complete the online module.

The Form Publisher Google Chrome add-on (I use the paid version) is then used to draw information from the associated Google Form fields (in this case, first name, last name, and completion date) and inserts it into designated fields within the certificate of completion.

When the student hits the "submit" button after filling out the Google Form, an email is automatically generated and sent to the student's email address. The email message can be customized. A PDF of the certificate of completion (including students' name and date of online module completion) is attached with the email message. The PDF can then be easily saved/downloaded, printed, forwarded via email, etc.

Including a screenshot below of the certificate template (automatically sent to student as a PDF, including their name and completion date).

So far, this has worked for my needs. Would love to hear if anyone has come up with any other work-arounds to be able to learn from one another! :)



Ramla Gabriel

Thanks for the work-around, Kristie.  I was wondering if anyone who used this method of providing certificates found a way to disable right click on that page of the course?  Otherwise, students can right click after completing the form and reload the page, this time completing the form for a classmate.  Then a whole group of students could obtain certificates by only "completing" the course once.  Thanks in advance for any advice on how to prevent this.

Erik Decker

We just got Rise and I am slowly becoming acclimated to it's great features. I too would like to add a certificate.  However, when I embed the Google Forms link which allows the learner to input their name and date, but not to submit.  Any help to tell me what I'm doing wrong is appreciated.  Thank you.



Shelby Morris

I also pulled from a previous course I had created in Storyline and inserted it as an interaction.  I had an opening page using first and last name variables that generated a certificate at the end of the course with the name they inserted on slide 1.  I had to tweak it, but it does the job we needed it to do in Rise!

Kristie Malterre

Hi Mark,

The first response I listed (up at the top of this discussion thread) describes the process I use. The questions you pose both relate to functions using Google Forms along with a Google Form add-on called Form Publisher.

I adapted a Google Slides certificate template. The Form Publisher add-on allows responses that are collected via the Google Form to "populate" specified fields that I designated within the Google Slides certificate template. Upon completing the Google Form, the participant clicks the "submit" button, the certificate "fields" are automatically populated, and a PDF version of the "filled in" certificate is automatically emailed to the participant. 

I hope this helps. Please let me know if any other questions. Wishing you the best!

Robert Crooks

I'm so confused about how I feel about Rise. On the one hand, I love it. On the other, I'm dissatisfied with the lack of progress with customer features like certificates or making logo's bigger etc. Like, learner certificates are such a fundamental requirement yet, 2-3 years on, we just keep getting told a) it's on the feature request list or b) look at these crazy workarounds others are doing...


usman ali
You can track course completion based on a trigger, a quiz result slide, or the number of slides viewed. Just click the Tracking property and choose a tracking option. (If you want to track a score in your LMS, be sure to choose the quiz result option. The other two options don't send scores to the LMS.walletoptions