Duplicate fonts in SCORM export - Articulate Rise 360

I have an issue when exporting a course that uses the same font for both headings and body (see theme fonts.jpg attached).

When loading the SCORM file to the LMS, I received an error (see error.jpg attached). Upon further investigation, I found that the SCORM content actually lists the same WOFF file twice in the same folder, which is why I'm getting the error (see ZIP duplicate.jpg attached).

My question is: Why is the WOFF file listed twice? Because I used the same font for both headings and body? If so, surely there is an error within the SCORM export within Rise. What is the workaround?

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Bruce! I see you're using a Custom font. What versions of the font did you upload? Did you upload only the regular version, or did you also include the italic and bold versions? 

Headings in Rise are automatically displayed in bold, and if the bold version of your font isn't available in Rise, it may be using the regular version in its place. Please add in the bold version of your font or if you prefer non-bold headings, you can:

- duplicate your font and rename with "bold" in the name
- upload this so you have both the regular and "bold" version

Please then try exporting this again, and let me know if you have any trouble! 

Renz Sevilla

Hi Daya! To clarify, that suggestion is only if you had uploaded the custom font and did not want to include the bold version.

If you want to do this and have the regular version of the WOFF file, you would:

- right-click the file on your desktop or other file location before upload. (this is not done within Rise)
- Copy the file and rename

Henrik Svensson

Hey, I've got the same issue that hopefully has been solved. It is the publishing to SCORM that messes things up. 
I've attached all versions of the font (bold, regular, thin etc.).

The problem occurs only in the ZIP-file:

  • If I open the ZIP-file, I see duplicates of my custom font.
  • If I extract the ZIP-file - the duplicates are gone.
  • If I re-ZIP the file, they are still gone.

Hopefully this has solved the issue! Although, the problem still lies within Articulate Rise SCORM packaging of course. Looks like a bug to me.