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Allen Quesada

Hi Zsolt: First off Happy new Year and thankis your your time to create the script for the fake branching. That is exactly what I needed since I wante to create 15 units with five lesson each. However, I would like to know what to write between the commas, if there is no branch in one of the lessons, that is, setBranchData ("4","who do I write here?",1, "5","3");

Thanks again for the workaround,

Allen from Costa Rica

Zsolt Olah


Honestly, I didn't think it out that far that you would have some lessons hidden and some not... Let me see if I understand, so you have let's say lesson 1,2,3,4,5 is one "unit". You show 1. The rests are hidden? But you also have another "unit" 6,7,8,9,10? Where you show 6 and hide the rest?

Zsolt Olah


I'll check. It's supposed to hide the ones that belong to the hidden pages. So, for example if your lesson 1 is visible and you have a branching page, there would be a link at the bottom to Lesson 2. But you don't want them to click on that since your branching will determine whether you go to LEsson 2, Lesson 3 or Lesson 4.

If you don't care about the bottom and top links I can tell you what to change no to hide anything.



Claire Worley

Thanks for the quick reply.

The scenario I have is in a course with 20 lessons but only lessons
13,14,15 and 16 are involved in a branch scenario.
The hiding and removal of the links to next lessons works perfectly for the
branching part.
But I still want the link to the next lesson for the remaining lessons in
the course.

I hope this makes sense.


Alena Ayers

Hi Zsolt - you kindly helped out my colleague Claire and I with an issue we were having with hiding the menu for branching scenarios within a course of 20 lessons. We have now uploaded this to our LMS to test and it is all working fine but the course does not show as complete if the learner does not investigate all the branches of the scenario.

In Storyline 2 we used to get around this by altering the number of slides that needed to be tracked when publishing the course. This option does not appear in Rise when you publish. Do you know if there is another way around this?

Thanks again for all your help! 

Aaron Barth

Zsolt Olah, I'm hoping for your assistance.


I have followed your instructions on yoursite, however am having a little bit of difficulty with the ID number. In your instructions it shows single ID's. However on my latest local export the ID's show up as follow.


I replaced all of the necessary locations in ID position and the hidden ID positions, tested and it works great. However as soon as I place that long ID in the status, next or previous position the entire code breaks.

I want to be able to hide everything below the first Dave and Gus Scenario.

Here's the code.

setBranchData ("cj182ukci00023j6akl6joqxw","cj1832v9200003j6ayrol8nk7,cj1835yjz00033j6amensjukb,cj183aqhe000b3j6a4cyzqzvd",0,cj183omb8000d3j6al91h0okm,cj182tq6f00003j6aaca7p3ft);


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

How are you looking to compare them? Are you thinking something like a pre and post type of quiz? 

Branching often refers to a user only going through a particular series or flow of the course - so that they don't see all lessons or quizzes, only the ones relevant to them, or in the order best suited to their status. 

Will Findlay

Regarding the question of comparing two quiz percentage results:

You could capture the quiz score percentage once they complete the first quiz in a custom variable.


Create a variable called: Quiz1_ScorePrecent

Add a trigger on the first result slide that says “Add Results.ScorePercent” to Quiz1_ScorePercent when the timeline starts


Then you could embed this value next to the Results.ScorePercent on the results page of the second quiz.

Sarah Hellewell

So all we want to show is that the score in the first quiz will be less than in the second quiz - the quiz is the same each time but the student will have more info the second time they view it.

In theory I could just have a standard message saying that their performance improved. Ideally it would show the score in the first quiz and then the second but we could get away with just telling them they improved. . . .

Any ideas?

I saw that Zsolt Olah's example Rise course had branching and some pop-up messages. Do you think something like that could work for this?


Jeff Rands

Hi Zsolt,

First of thank you for sharing this great workaround! I've now begun using it to develop a multi-branching scenario and the results are excellent.

But I was wondering how your link identifiers are only single digit? Mine show up like this:


It has been very time consuming copying these link IDs into the editor. Is there anyway I can make them smaller, as in your example, so they are easier to copy into your zsolt.js file in the editor?? This would save me a lot of time.

Thanks in advance