Fonts - Rise 360

Sep 09, 2020


i would like to know what is the best font to use in Rise 360 ? Also, i always use arial for my Storyline projects should i do the same ? Rise doesn't have arial in the fonts choices.

Thanks for your help.

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Carrie Eaton

I must be missing something simple here?? I opened Font Squirrel, but when I try to upload a font, I open the Windows folder and there is no Fonts folder even though I can see it in file explorer...? Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? My client uses Arial as their standard so I have to find a way to use Arial in Rise. Is their another way to are Arial into Rise?


Russell Engoran

Unfortunately, according to Microsoft documentation, it’s not legal to either convert Windows fonts for use on a webserver or convert a font to the formats typically associated with web fonts, such as the WOFF or WOFF2 format.

Any thoughts or suggestions on that? Is what you are suggesting technically legal?