Getting Rise 360 Courses To Complete In LearnDash

Mar 15, 2021

I'm new to using Rise 360 courses in LearnDash. I'm using the Uncanny group of products including Uncanny Toolkit Pro and Tin Canny Reporting. I've had no issue getting the Rise 360 course into LearnDash. I'm using launch a new window and it looks great, but it's not sending complete status back to LearnDash. I've tried exporting the course as xAPI and SCORM, nothing works. How do you get the course to autocomplete when the learner is finished?

What am doing wrong here? Is Uncanny not the best group of tools to use with these products? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kim! 

While I don't have personal experience using LearnDash, there are a few things I can suggest:

  1. For the SCORM output file, follow these steps to enable LMS debug mode. This will help you to troubleshoot communication issues between Rise 360 and LearnDash. 
  2. If you haven't already, enable the Exit Course button in Rise 360. Launch the course in LearnDash again, and use the Exit Course button to close the window. See if that makes a difference in completion communication. 
  3. Reach out to other LearnDash users in this discussion thread for further help!
Bill McKee

Kim - I put this question in another post but then I saw this one, perhaps you can help my team. 

After uploading our Rise course using the Uncanny Owl Tin Canny content block plug-in we couldn't get the course to work in LearnDash until our LearnDash administrator discovered if she changed the name of the "index.html" file to "story.html" it worked. (see image attached) In fact, when I previewed the course instead of executing the course it downloaded a "story.html" file which wasn't there. Any ideas?