Best Practices for display in LearnDash

I have a Rise course with multiple lessons and am wondering  how best to move the content into our LearnDash LMS. What is the best way to employ a multi-lesson Rise course into LearnDash, since it also has a course/lesson structure? Is it best to load the Rise course as one entire LearnDash lesson or break the Rise course up into smaller pieces and load them into separate LearnDash Lessons or Topics?

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Jeff Dodge

Hi Whitney,

You could check out:

I use it on my LearnDash LMS for reporting on my Storyline courses but it also allows you to get the TinCan statements from Storyline and Rise and then report on them.  You could then put your whole Rise Course into 1 Lesson and then report on everything that your student does.

I'm a WordPress, LearnDash geek!  Let me know if I can help!