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Feb 17, 2020

I have a Rise course with multiple lessons and am wondering  how best to move the content into our LearnDash LMS. What is the best way to employ a multi-lesson Rise course into LearnDash, since it also has a course/lesson structure? Is it best to load the Rise course as one entire LearnDash lesson or break the Rise course up into smaller pieces and load them into separate LearnDash Lessons or Topics?

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Jeff Dodge

Hi Whitney,

You could check out:

I use it on my LearnDash LMS for reporting on my Storyline courses but it also allows you to get the TinCan statements from Storyline and Rise and then report on them.  You could then put your whole Rise Course into 1 Lesson and then report on everything that your student does.

I'm a WordPress, LearnDash geek!  Let me know if I can help!



Saurabh Chauhan


If you do not need any reporting then you can export your package as HTML5, and upload it on your hosting. Put it in a folder something called "My-Rise-Courses". Now extract your package in this folder.

In the extracted folder, look for a file called index.html, now you need to create a URL to this file starting from your domain and all the folders in between.

It will look something like this:

Now you have everything to play your content in the LearnDash LMS. Add HTML block in your lesson editor and add code like this: 

<iframe src="" title="description">

It will play your content in the LearnDash LMS or any other WordPress post or page. Here is another thread related to LearnDash LMS:

Learndash LMS does not support/integrates with Rise and Storyline, nor supports xAPI and SCORM standards out of the box. Also does not provide any upload options for HTML5 packages. 

You can follow the above process to add your content or use our plugin called GrassBlade xAPI Companion. It gives you tons of features including content management, uploading, and adding to the lesson or quiz.

if you do not need reporting and using html5 package you do not need an LRS, for xAPI and SCORM packages you need an LRS or GrassBlade LRS depending upon your needs.

(from GrassBlade)

Joanne Oedit

Hi Whitney, I found your question and for me it’s an actual question so I was wondering what method you ended up using. 
I’m facing the same ‘issue’ and would like to know if you went for Jeff his way or ended up splitting your course into several lessons and than adding it to LearnDash.

Cindi Delany

Hi Jeff,

I'm trying to figure out how to use Rise content with LearnDash and sounds like you may be the expert.

I have LearnDash being used with BuddyBoss theme and template and Grassblade, including LRS.

I have found ways to get Rise content in, as either the full course or as modules within a course by exporting to xAPI and then putting it into LearnDash to open in the same window and it looks pretty good.

I'm struggling with how to get out of the Rise module and back into my LearnDash course.   When I export to TinCan I have the "Exit Course" toggled on and so I do have that feature seemingly enabled.  I also watched a video and saw how to create a button at the end of the course/module to exit out.  But, neither the "Exit Course" button in the upper right or the Interactive Element button I created and pointed at Exit to LMS are working.

How do you get folks back out of a Rise block once they go into it?

This is for learning content to help animal shelters help more animals (just in case you're an animal lover).

Thank you so much for any help,

Cindi Delany, DVM

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Cindi,

If you are using Open in new Window, the "Exit Course" button should work well. 

If you are using Lightbox, the lightbox has its own close button. 

And, if you are use In Page, you are already on the page, so closing will not be required. 

(from GrassBlade) 



Cindi Delany

Hi Pankaj,

Thank you.  Apparently I chose the only Rise content viewing option where those "Exit" buttons didn't work.  😄

Can you aim me at the right Grassblade resource to deal with issues of Rise components not being marked as complete.  I am trying a few different options with variable success and have a feeling you at Grassblade just have this documented somewhere that I could refer to.

Thank you again for your help!