Exporting multi-lesson courses

Mar 30, 2023

Hi, this question seems to be asked a few times years ago but no clear answer.  We are designing multi-lesson courses in Rise360 and then using them in a learndash/wordpress website.  We're not necessarily concerned about tracking completion but if we export the whole course with multiple lessons from Rise, into LearnDash, then there is a LearnDash navigation menu and a Rise one.  It seems best to use the LearnDash navigation menu, but that has led us to creating each LESSON as a separate COURSE in Rise 360 and then exporting/importing each into a lesson in learndash.  This is tedious and labour intensive but seems to be the only way we can properly end up with a multi-lesson course in LearnDash that was designed in Rise 360.  

Are we missing something? Is there an easy, logical, way to export a multi-lesson course from Rise 360 into LearnDash so that it shows up as a multi-lesson course in LearnDash with one navigation menu properly listing the lessons?

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