Deploying Rise course via iframe: CSS, filenames, and other consideration

Jul 27, 2022

Hello E-Learning Heroes Community:

This is a detailed post with the goal of seeking the community's feedback on our approach. I realize that this is not a central use case for Articulate Rise, but one that will likely work for us. I'd appreciate hearing any of your thoughts.

Context and Background

We are building learning experiences in Rise to deploy them across a number of different environments and contexts. We are exporting Rise courses as a web version and storing them on an AWS server.  We then instantiate via iFrame or direct linking for learners. We build these experiences in a single Rise "course" and then deploy them in the following manner:

  1. Remove all navigation that is possible through the Rise UI, then export to Web.
  2. Unzip the file and change the index.html to course_content.html.
  3. Create individual HTML files to point to the lessons in the course.
  4. Modify the CSS file to remove navigation features, using the following code at the end of the file:

    .lesson-nav {
    display:none !important;

    .lesson-header-wrap {
    display:none !important;
    height: 0px !important;

    .page-menu {
    height: 0px !important;

  5. Upload to AWS and point our users or iFrames to various individual HTML point files.

This seems to work well. In the past we had a single lesson per Rise file, which becomes cumbersome to maintain on the Rise platform. We were able to use the CSS code above to remove the "Prev" and "Next" menus at the bottom to prevent people from moving to another lesson.

Challenge with Content Refresh

One of the values of this model is that we can easily modify content and then export it again without needing to change anything. We discovered that Rise does not change the lesson pointers upon a second export, so once created, these lesson "codes" seem to be consistent. Question: Does anyone have a case where these change? For example, do they change when you add content to the Rise course?

We did discover that Rise changes the file names of all assets -- this seems to happen with every download. This is easy to solve, but we're interested if this really happens every single timeQuestion: Does anyone have a sense of how this works? The way we are currently handling it is by replacing the content file and copying the new images into the Assets folder.

Thanks for any thoughts or feedback on this scenario!

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a graphic flow chart of this would help. A one page powerpoint image?

I recently started using the "two courses" method. One for main course content, one for heavy content, video etc..then we use embed as the bridge between the two.

We dont have a webserver solution so the "two course" method is a decent workaround.
This also depend on links not changing.

We stay completely in the rise system.

Hint, In course settings under navigation you can make changes to enable and disable navigation functions, no need to code this manually i think..