How to insert symbol from character map in Rise?

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Is there any way to insert symbols from a character map into the text even if it's not available in your current font? For instance, I want to insert the windows key symbol from wingdings into the Lato font body text but I can't figure out how to do it - the character just converts to the equivalent in lato (y with dots above it). 

Alternatively if we can't add characters (other cases would be a copyright or registered symbol), is there a way to add little images directly into the text so that you could have a picture of the symbol and add it next to the text. This would be really useful when writing software instructions in Rise so that I could put a picture of the button directly in the sentence. 

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Karl Muller

Wingdings is a unique font that won't work with the Lato font.

Rise does not allow inline images either.

Copyright and the Registered symbol exist in most fonts.

If you are using Windows, you can insert them using ALT Codes.

Press and hold the ALT key and then enter the numbers:

  • Copyright Alt 0169 ©
  • Registered alt 0174 ®
  • Trademark Alt 0153 ™
Helen Gordon

Thanks Karl, the symbol I'm after is the one for the windows icon (to represent the windows key). I don't think it's available in any fonts that rise includes. Is it possible to use html to display it? The code I'm thinking of is: <font face=Wingdings>&#xff;</font> but I'm not sure where I could put it in rise to make it display correctly? 

Michael Glueck

Trying to use ALT+ Codes in Rise for the classic Umlaut letters but Rise uses other letters than specified e.g.  ALT+0228 should be ä but comes out as a P... 

Ä Uppercase Umlaut (AE) 0196
Ö Uppercase Umlaut (OE) 0214
Ü Uppercase Umlaut (UE) 0220

ß Eszett (ss) 0223

ä Lowercase Umlaut (ae) 0228
ö Lowercase Umlaut (oe) 0246
ü Lowercase Umlaut (ue) 0252

Any solution for this or idea what it could be related to? It works on other machines using Chrome (latest version) 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael. In Rise, ALT+ codes usually work best on a Windows keyboard with a number pad. I haves seen some inconsistency with how Rise renders those codes, however. When you don't get what you expect, I suggest copying and pasting the character in from another source.

In the meantime, I've got the ALT+ code behavior documented, and I'll post an update here if we make any changes.