how to protect/sell courses made with rise?

We are considering making a range of courses to sell to the public.

We like RISE but don't know what is the best approach to selling the content and protecting it from abuse i.e. we need an LMS and a storefront to sell courses made in rise and uploaded to another service that enables us to sell the content online.

Anyone got experience with doing this and what vendors worked ie. which LMS and e-commerce providers?

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Joe Mefford

I've spent lots of time researching this very topic. There are hundreds (yes, hundreds) of options. I want to offer my customers lifetime access to the classes. That eliminates many of the LMS companies; they charge a monthly fee per active user. 

I am a Shopify and Wordpress developer. I'm leaning toward using LearnDash which is a WP LMS. But I'd like more experienced users to suggest other options.

Jacqueline Low

I'm looking for the same thing. Specifically, setting up a website that offers Rise courses through a tiered subscription model. Tiered based on (i) number of users per subscriber (ranging from a single user to 50 users) and (ii) number of courses subscribed. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Samantha Cukier

I'm looking for the same thing. I've developed a number of courses in Rise and they will be hosted on Brightspace. We want to incorporate an e-commerce component so that we can sell the courses. I'm looking for less expensive third party e-commerce software to see what my options are. Brightspace offers e-commerce options, but with a pricey setup fee (similar to what Richard mentioned above). We'll be building our learner base and don't expect huge numbers and so a huge setup fee is not an option. Any suggestions for e-commerce software that could work with RISE courses on Brightspace LMS? Thanks!

Janet Robertson


I'm also interested in suggestions on a cost effective lms or alternative methods to host online courses (with e-commerce feature). Has anyone used Thinkific or Teachable? If so, do they work with Rise/Storyline?

Joe -- Did you go with LearnDash or something else?

Thanks for any info or advice!

Saurabh Chauhan

Articulate content works well with WordPress and LearnDash LMS and you can sell it.

You can check this demo Rise 360 content:

It is added on the LearnDash lesson page and added using GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin. Currently, it is added in an iframe, you can also launch it in Lightbox and NewTab.


Leanne Mcadam

I am beyond frustrated!!!!! I would love to buy an Articulate subscription just to use the rise360 option. I hate powerpoint training so storyline does not work for my needs. 

Why is it so difficult to find an  affordable platform to accommodate rise360 courses? Thinkific almost works, but no images and not professionally enough to sell. is expensive vs Thinkific and I find the reporting very hard to navigate. I admit I haven't taken all the training, but it seems I have to manually allocate training to users once they have an account and it doesn't notify me when they activate - so how do you scale that up? 

Please can Articulate have a talk with Thinkific to make rise360 work? I would subscribe to both and it would still be more affordable than any other option I have found..

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Leanne! Thanks for letting us know the Content Library 360 and Shutterstock images are missing in your course. 

Are those images missing in all web browsers or just certain browsers in particular? 

Would you be willing to share a copy of your exported LMS package so we can test it from our side? If that works for you, you can send it privately here.

Leanne Mcadam

Hi Guys,

I have decided to go with iSpring market place - your content works perfectly there...

Kind Regards

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Brian Hughes

Hi All... for years we have used a company out of Phoenix called Tracorp.  We sell courses through our website as well as directly to customers.  They are reasonably priced and very easy to work with.  I am currently hosting two Rise 360 courses through them (built by me) and they built a course for us using a different Articulate product.  Let me know if you'd like more info... happy to help.