Image Dimensions in Rise


I've just started using Rise and I have some questions.  Is there  place that tells me the image dimensions (ie:  Image and Text, Image size for the accordion, etc.).  My client thinks the font is too small in the image description, so I was going to overlay it on the image, but it keeps cutting it off and I'll be here all day trying to figure out the image size.

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Tom Kuhlmann

The Flash card interaction is square (1x1 aspect ratio). 

  • The choices for images are centered which displays the full image, however, if it is not 1x1 it will have some margins.
  • The full card image will fill the entire card. Again, if the image is 1x1 you see everything. If it's a different aspect ratio it will crop from the center and fill the card. The full card can't show the entire image because the flash card itself is square and won't change dimensions.
Annie Louden


I'm using the 2-column grid and getting the same errors that others have described where the images are cut off, no matter how hi-res they are or if I have resized them in the hope that will help. I think there's a bug in your software. I'll go ahead and start a ticket for this, for me personally. But I wanted you to know others are still having this issue.


Annie Louden

Hi Allison,

I did submit a case, and the answer I received isn't helpful:

"Rise is responsive when it comes to handling media files such as images that are uploaded to the course. This means that images will have different dimensions as they adapt to different devices and orientations. The community forum here has a great response from one of my colleagues, explaining why you are observing this specific behavior for your images, and how to edit the images to best prepare them for being displayed in a Rise course:

Just to summarize, your images are not being cropped, but rather being displayed in a way that Rise recognizes as optimal for the current browser window."


I know that Rise is responsive, but I'm starting to not care, if it's going to crop my images in ways I don't want. And there are no tips on editing or best size of images, per the Rise block.

I know it's not your fault, but I wish this could be addressed somehow. In the meantime, I'll stop using 2-column grid for images.

Edward Hoke

Hey Ashley!

You stated, "Rise 360 will create responsive content, so there isn't one set size as it'll change based on what device you're viewing a course with."

Even a chart with pixel dimensions and possible resizes could help people out. Yes I know Rise is a responsive design tool, but most everyone pretty much starts with 1024 monitor (or whatever), tablet, and phone. 

Thank you - Ed

Annie Louden

Hi all,

I did get a better answer yesterday from Support, after I complained on here. :) 

The 2-column grid gallery images need to be square. So, I simply added white space to the top and bottom of my landscape images, and voila! They looked fine in all the "device" modes.

This is the kind of tip I hope someone at Articulate collects and puts into a document or video of other helpful workarounds *hint hint*!