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Renz Sevilla

Hi Teresa! Great question, matching drag-and-drop questions and sorting activities aren’t fully accessible yet. Rise 360 follows a logical navigation order for all content, except matching drag-and-drop questions, which are in development.

You can refer to our post Rise 360 Accessibility here and our roadmap for accessibility updates. 

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Renz,

Just checking in, as I think I may be getting a little confused as to what is considered fully accessible.  When I read this article about Keyboard navigation on articulate, to me it sounds like the learner can completely navigate through the Knowledge Check Matching interaction.

I also thought the flash card flip over was accessible, but not I am not sure.


But when I look at the roadmap I sense things are still in development. 


I think I may be not understanding what is considered fully accessible.  The ones mentioned on the keyboard are they not necessarily fully accessible because you need alt tags on the flip cards? 

Sorry, if it sounds confusing, it is cause I think I am lol!

Renz Sevilla

Hi Teresa! Good questions. Those are considered only partially supported, as either they are not fully keyboard supported due to navigation or due to lack of full support for screen readers.

For more information and a list of features that are supported or partially supported please see our Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT).


Hi - I'd like to come back to this question as I'd like more details regarding the explanation. I agree with the original question that it seems if a learner using a screen reader can navigate through the matching-type quiz question fine via the keyboard accessibility actions (tabs, space bar, right arrow, etc.). So Renz, when you state above that "Rise 360 follows a logical navigation order for all content, except matching drag-and-drop questions, which are in development," what isn't logical or accessible yet about the drag-and-drop? I can get the navigation to work fine so I'm just unclear about this. Thank you in advance for any info! 

Mollie McCormick

Sure wish you could accomplish this as the lack of accessibility makes the course interaction much less interesting. Also, how about a numbering/ordering  question where you can fill in multiple blanks in one block? So since I can't do a DND for say, "Order the Five Phases of the Process" I could say "Number the blanks in each statement to reflect the correct order of the Process" -- for example.  

While you're at it, a word blank option for a multi fill in blank and/or a drop-down select for answers would be nice. This are typically easier to make accessible, Or how about an option to "hide non-accessible elements" and let us create a DND and a MC option (accessible) for any question?