Links to websites not working when viewing course on an iPhone

Nov 22, 2022

Hi.  I have built a few courses that have links to different websites that support the subject matter e.g. NSPCC site.  These links work fine when viewing the course on a desktop, but when I test the course on a mobile device (iPhone SE), they don't work.  Nothing happens.  Has anyone experienced this? 

Is this to do with my phone's settings?  I have pop-ups enabled. 

Or LMS settings maybe?  

PS. this is not working for links either embedded into text or a button block.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as a lot of our learners will be accessing the courses on mobiles so I really need to get this working regardless of whether they are on iOS or Android.


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Christopher Santos

Hi there,

You can test in SCORM Cloud the links in your course to find out if the issue is specific to your LMS or with accessing the course on a device. 

If you find that the links work in SCORM Cloud, please reach out to your LMS provider so that they can help you troubleshoot the issue.  If the issue is also occurring in SCORM Cloud, please open a case here.  Our team will be more than happy to help!