Macrons for Māori and Cree in Rise 360

Oct 29, 2021


My team is working on a course in Rise 360 that will require macrons (Ā ā Ē ē Ī ī Ō ō Ū ū). We've been using Open Sans for this project, and the macrons end up looking like a squished serif font.

We've tried the fix recommended by Articulate in another post:, and it did not work (see attachment below).

We've also tried the workaround mentioned in the comments in this post: 

Although the macrons did work with the Vremya font (, French accents do not work, and we've already published most of this project in Open Sans and cannot change the font half way through.

Going forward, we will be working with more languages and will definitely need a fix for this. 

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Ronan O'Malley

Any update on this? I'm based in New Zealand where we use the Māori language in almost every module we make. A lot of words in the language contain macrons.


The Body and Heading fonts seem to be fine for the most part, though there are still a few fonts in there that cannot handle macrons.


However, when it comes to the menu, no matter what font is used, the macrons always cause a 'squished serif font' to appear.


It would be great if this could be corrected as our clients don't appreciate seeing their language represented in the way it appears in the menu in Rise.


Hazel Bartolome

Hi Ronan! May I know which font you are using? We've updated the built-in fonts in Rise 360 last 2/2022 which should now support more glyphs such as accented characters, or symbols that use diacritics and macrons. With the exception of Lato which innately has limited glyph support, the rest of the built-in fonts have received this upgrade. 

Please check out this article about How to Get Non-Latin Characters to Display Properly.

Ronan O'Malley

Hi Hazel,

We were using Lato, but a few different fonts were not working with Macrons.

After I wrote my previous message we discovered the new themes in Rise. Changing our theme to either Apex or Horizon fixed all of the fonts.

Whatever the code is in the Rise theme must be causing issue with macrons. The issue in Rise is that the macrons were causing the letters to default to a different font in menu of the module.

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Lea Agato

Hi Ronan,

Thank you for your reply! We'd like to troubleshoot this issue further. and to do that, could you send us back a screenshot of what's happening in your course when you use macrons with Lato font? Also, could you share what other fonts aren't working with macrons?

By the way, Ronan, I wanted to let you know that your comment will include your email signature why you reply to a thread via email. Please feel free to edit out your personal info here if desired.