Math equations in RISE

May 23, 2018

What are your recommendations for creating accessible math equations in RISE content? We need these to be accessible to students using screenreaders. Can we input MathJax/ML etc into RISE? Or is the only option to add each equation as an image with alt text description or maybe create a Word document with these equations, both of which are very time consuming.   Please advise as we'd like to continue building in RISE, but need to ensure that these are accessible for users. 

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Jason LaMar

With Articulate's seeming commitment to accessibility, it's stunning to me that in 2023 there's still no viable math equation tool in Rise. This thread has been active for literally years.

Accessible math is legally required by U.S. federal guidelines for public/state institutions, so it's imperative for Articulate to resolve this ASAP.

Richard Prince

This solution is viable for an isolated equation in a main block, but what if you want to have an equation appear in a process block, or an interactive figure?! What we need is an in-line equation editor that is available everywhere that text can appear. Perhaps an addition to the Quick Insert options would be a way forward? It wouldn't allow equations to appear on the same line as text, but it would certainly be an advance on what's (not) available at the moment!

Phil Foss

I was able to get equations in my Rise course by using inline images, here I show you how to screenshot results from MathJax. The html used in the screen recording:

<img style="display:inline-block;height: 2.8em;vertical-align: middle;" src="replacewithdata">

and url for converting image to inline data-