Moving quickly on your feedback to improve team folders

Oct 05, 2023

Hi everyone,

On October 4, 2023, we launched team folders for Rise 360 in a public beta.

This was one of our most requested enhancements. With team folders, you and your team can now organize and collaborate on courses team-wide instead of managing them individually.

Team folders help separate private projects from those shared with collaborators. Shared projects now live in the Team section of the sidebar. When folks opened their Rise 360 dashboard on October 4th, they couldn't easily find their work. We acknowledge that the experience was confusing and frustrating.

We push hard to get top requested features like team folders into your hands, but we moved too quickly in this case. Our lesson learned: we should have rolled this out incrementally and been more intentional about not changing your workflow unexpectedly.

We heard you loud and clear! We appreciate your patience and feedback, which we're relying on to improve the experience ASAP.

We're quickly rolling out a series of updates to make it easier for you and your team to take advantage of the new collaboration features you've asked for while managing content the way you're used to.

Every course that was previously in your dashboard is available in My View. Our intention was for My View to be the Rise 360 dashboard replacement. But we've learned it's missing key features you depend on, such as the overall course count and viewing recent courses across personal and team folders.

In the next few days, you'll see additional file management options in My View that make it easier for you and your team to set up your shared folder structure in the new team folder section at your own pace. We're adding improvements to the way you manage the My View section. We're also working quickly to make it easy to identify recent projects. 

At Articulate, we’re constantly seeking ways to deliver value to you as quickly as possible. We recognize that we moved too quickly on this specific change and will handle changes like this more thoughtfully in the future.

Continue sharing your team folders feedback with us, and we'll report back on progress next week. We value your input!

- The Rise 360 Collaboration Team

31 Replies
Zoe Handscombe

Thanks for the update.  Two things to please include...

1. Please list the team folders alphabetically, not randomly, (and if this is already a possibility, please let me know how).  I can sort courses in a folder, but not the new team folders themselves on My View

2. Please bring back the ability to show courses in list view instead of tile view - when managing large numbers of courses in a folder, it is much easier to read down a list than back and forth across tiles.

Thanks in advance! :)

Ethan Cull

I can move where a file is and where a course is seen but not both at the same time, this really  doesn't make much sense for organising files.

Folders have been created by a system that has put all the files under my template which now with the new system is going to mean I'm spending a lot of time organising and moving files around now and as stated above, each file needs to be moved twice. 

Crystal Horn

Hey everyone! We know you've got lots of questions and requests and wanted to give you an update on what's been going on. It's been a busy week! We've been collecting your feedback and using it to make improvements that we hope make your team folders experience even better. 

But before we get into that, how about some numbers?

As of October 12, 2023:

  • 2,801 Everyone permissions added to folders
  • 13,544 Everyone permissions added to content
  • 13,565 team folders created

We're excited to see how many of you are embracing the new collaboration features. Being able to give collaboration access to everyone in your organization at once is clearing up roadblocks. And creating a shared folder structure that works for your entire team is helping everyone work together better.

Here's what we've done since feature launch to improve your team folders experience: 

  • Bookmarks has been renamed to My View
  • Personal has been renamed to Private
  • Added an All Content section that offers a sortable view of all the files you've worked on, no matter where they are in your dashboard
  • Added a Shared with Me section that contains just the files you're collaborating on
  • Added a sidebar menu folder tree to My View
  • My View now includes a list view
  • Added action options (duplicate, delete, etc.) to My View and search results cards
  • Added a new Show file location card option to My View and search results that take you right to the actual file
  • New training is automatically added to My View
  • After you move a course, a pop-up appears in the lower-left with a link to take you to the file's new location
  • When you create new training and click the Back to dashboard icon, you're taken back to where you were when you created the training rather than the top-level dashboard 

We understand that team folders has been a big adjustment and are working hard to refine the experience. To make it even better, we need your feedback.

The most effective way to let us know what you'd like us to focus on next is via the beta feedback link at the top of your dashboard. We’re actively reviewing feedback gathered by that form and applying that to future updates.

Stay tuned!

Tim St. Clair

This has to be the most confusing update. I'm finding the terminology being used is my predominant concern. 

  1. When comments were added in Rise, a 'Beta Feedback' button appeared at the top where I could log bugs and issues with that system. There is no 'Beta Feedback' link on my dashboard, as Crystal Horn is mentioning. Perhaps 'Beta Feedback' only applies to Team users? 
  2. I can't manage courses that are in folders in MY VIEW. If I want to move a course, it only lets me move it to folders under PRIVATE. After moving them, the courses still appear listed in MY VIEW.
  3. Due to poor wording choices, I am unsure of deleting folders in MY VIEW. When I delete a folder, it tells me it will delete the folder and its contents (but not its items), and the wording is highly confusing and anxiety-inducing. I don't want to lose courses accidentally. Here is the exact language of the screen when trying to delete a folder in MY VIEW:
    • Deleting this folder will delete it, and any My View items within it.
      Don't worry - this will not delete the actual folders or items.
  4. As a NON-TEAM-USER, I'd like to be able to organise courses into groupings that are logical to me, and that's it.

I don't really like folders in this type of app, because whatever names I make for my folders go out of date or relevancy later on. I'd much prefer to be able to tag a course with one or more words or phrases, and then filter on those tags, and distinguish between tags I created against tags created by other users.

articulate1 birtlh

Maybe you're not aware that the new Beta version, makes a new order on courses/folders that we have not asked.

Then: I have explained your new Beta options to 80 colaborators. Now, we have again the options "All Content" and "Shared with me", so i have to explain and re-order them again. Please,  "Beta" versions has to be OPTIONAL. This has been really a mess.

I've been mooving my courses one by one, to the new folders on "Teams". One by one. 

1) And then: When i move a folder to Teams, still see it on MyView. Thats really confusing. I have to move the courses to Teams, one by one, and then, know wich one i have moved, and tell to "Remove form my View".

2) Please, let us MOVE FOLDERS easily.

It's really a lot of work, with no sense.


Sam Barnard

Tim St. Clair above has described a similar experience. I've added my description here to effectively add to the discourse of confusion this update has created.

So here's something that's confused the hell out of me and something I believe needs to be looked at from a user perspective:

Let's imagine I'm part of a team license for Articulate. I've got four folders in my Rise area, Folder 1, 2, 3 and 4. These folders are all currently visible across "My View" and "Private". 

I've got a course that is not in a folder. I move that course into Folder 2. The pop up comes up and I follow it. Yup, the course is in Folder 2. Great.

If I go into Folder 2 from "My View" the course is not listed in the folder. However, if I go to Folder 2 from "Private", suddenly it's there.

When I move the course I don't have the option to add it to "My View". Weirdly, I can add a folder to "My View" without it also showing up in "Private" or "Team".

Is this a result of you changing Rise that has resulted in duplicated folders and courses between "My View" and "Private"? Because this has become very confusing and I've only just figured this out after two days of wondering what was going wrong. It seems in some aspects, "My View" and "Private" are two entirely separate locations but for others, they are not.

Tim St. Clair

I think if 'My View' hadn't been automatically populated with the names of all my existing folders and instead started out empty, then showed an on-screen tutorial that told me that I could use it to store shortcuts to courses from any source and organise them into folders, that would have saved a huge amount of confusion.

I also have no idea why 'Bookmarks' would have been renamed to 'My view'. I intrinsically know what a bookmark is - it's not "the thing"; it's a placeholder: a reference to the thing. A view is a position or way of regarding something. In programming and databases, it's the captured result of a query or filter on one or more data sources. I don't think the new term immediately captures its intent.

I'll be spending my time REMOVING all my courses from MY VIEW, one by one, until I figure out how I actually want to use the feature. And since I'm not a member of a team (in the way Articulate thinks of them), I probably won't use it.

Phil Wade

I'll share something I posted yesterday in another thread.

It appears I can't delete a team folder without deleting the lessons too, and I can't move lessons out of a team folder into a private folder either. This morning, I wanted to remove a team folder, and the prompt warned me lessons would be deleted too. Once lessons are in a team folder, they don't appear to be movable to a private folder. So I created a new team folder as a temp and moved one of the lessons from the first folder to it.

I thought if the lesson was going to be deleted, I could recover it from the Deleted area or catch the Undo. I deleted the new team folder, saw the one lesson disappear (from the My View area), and clicked Undo. But it's gone. Undo did not catch the deletion, and the lesson isn't in my Deleted area. 

Can this lesson be recovered? Why must lessons be deleted when deleting folders, especially team folders which are meant for sharing? 

Lea Agato

Hi Phil,

When you delete a team folder that contains lessons/courses, the content will also be deleted and sent back to the owner's deleted folder.  Here, I can see the folder and course in my deleted folder.

You mentioned that you didn't find the deleted lesson/course in your deleted folder. Can you confirm if you were a collaborator on that lesson/course? If so, then you'll be able to recover the course in the owner's deleted folder.  

Also, you should be able to move lessons/courses that you own into your private folder:

If you don't have the option to move courses into your private folder, this means that you are a collaborator on the course, and another author is the owner.

You can check out this article on organizing content in Rise for more info. I hope this helps!

Phil Wade

Thank you, Lea. That explains my situation. I created the team folder that I wanted to delete, but the courses in the folder were created by the instructor I'm working with. I just walked to her office and we found the course, but we can't organize lessons and folders freely. She's been working in My View, and now this course can only be seen in her Private folders.

I'll share the link article with her. All the best.

Lisa Sanders

The Teams feature is posing a real challenge for our team! With this feature, only the original Owner of the course can publish to existing Review 360 links. In our context, a developer will create a course, and someone else publishes the Review 360 link for the client. With Teams, I can't publish a subsequent Review 360 link that retains the original review comments, meaning we have to change our workflow, which is really frustrating. I would like to see the Teams feature retain existing Review 360 functionality.

Crystal Horn

Hi Sue! Your Private view is for content that you own with no other collaborators. Once collaborators are involved, your content becomes Shared or Team content.

You can create shortcuts in the My View section using folders, and you can combine your private and shared content in that section for easy access.

Crystal Horn

Hi Tim! I'm so glad we could deliver. ☺️

We don't have a set timeline for removing the Beta tag. We're looking for a balance between responding to customer feedback and slowing down changes to the dashboard. I would expect that within the first quarter of 2024, we'll confidently remove the beta tag!

Elad Brandes

Hi, I'm managing an account of 22 seats. I have a lot of content of users that are no longer in the organization. all of the "transferred to you" content is now mixed up with the personal folders I created. It is a mess :(

does everything under "my view" is shared folder?


i don't follow the folders logic...