New to Rise - is there a way for a checklist to stay ticked?

May 16, 2018


We added a check list to Rise and wondered if there is a way for it to remember what has been ticked.  There is a to do list that can be checked off and it would be great if it remembered what staff had ticked already when they come back in. Is that possible? I am uploading the finished product to a totara LMS.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jo, thanks for checking out Rise! Since you mentioned that you're new to the tool, I wanted to share these insider tips with you. 💡

Now, on to your question. When you use a Checklist block in Rise, the boxes will always be unchecked when the learner resumes the course. I did pass along that idea for the boxes to remain checked to our team as a feature request. 

Hopefully others in the community have some creative ideas to help in the meantime!

Tania Welgemoed

Hi Alyssa,

We are experiencing this same issue, please would you give us an update on it. I believe this to be a bug within Rise and not a feature request as you have positioned it. As I work through the course on the LMS, the menu items are checking off perfectly as one would expect. We then close the course before resuming at which point these previously completed/ticked off sections are now unticked again and require us to navigate back to that section, complete the checklist again before jumping back to the last section and continuing. Please see image attached for reference. Left image is before closing, while right image is after resuming. You will notice the previously completed sections are now incomplete on resume. Your assistance would be much appreciated.

Crystal Horn

Hi, Jarred. We had a closer look at how checkboxes would impact the progress and completion of a course hosted in an LMS. We found that even though checkboxes did not resume their saved state, there wasn't any impact on progress in a resumed course.

If you are continuing to have issues with the progress or completion of your courses, especially when they've been resumed, please let us know! We'll work with you to find out why.