PP Video added to Rise course will not play when published to SCORM

Apr 15, 2020

A vendor created a course for us in Rise, and then transferred "ownership" to us. All videos in the course play fine in Rise Preview and in 360 Review. I have published this course to SCORM 2004, 4th ed, and loaded it into our LMS. There are a number of videos embedded in the course. All but one of them will play. The one that does not play gives the following error for all users: "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported." The format for the video is MP4. In researching this, I came across discussions about long video file names, but the file name itself is not long at all. And even shortening it, it still will not play. I can duplicate the behavior of this specific video not playing in ScormCloud, as well.

The only apparent difference between this video and the others is that it looks like it may be a narrated PowerPoint presentation, that was then exported as an MP4 video.

I will be reaching out to the vendor, but was wondering if anyone has anyone else has experienced an issue with PowerPoint created videos not playing in Rise (or SL) courses.


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Lea Agato

Hi Denise! I'm sorry to hear that you're also encountering this issue.  We'd like to take a look at your files so we can better understand what's happening.  Would you mind uploading your files privately using this form? Our customer support engineers will troubleshoot your video files and work with you directly on this issue.  


Hello Lea! Thanks for reaching out. We actually already have a ticket in with your support team, so someone is looking into this for us. I just saw this post and was curious because it looked like a similar issue. I'm testing whether the problem stems from the options selected when the PowerPoint file is exported to video. Selecting the Standard option (rather than the HD options) seems to have resolved the issue, but we are still testing. I'll share an update here once I can :)