Put Storyline Interactions Into Rise!

Oct 09, 2017

We’re so excited about the latest new feature in Rise: Storyline blocks!

You can now have the best of both worlds: custom interactivity with Storyline 360 and easy web-based responsive authoring with Rise.

Create any custom interaction you imagine with Storyline 360, and then easily add it to the responsive projects you create in Rise. And of course, your interaction will work perfectly on any device!

To try it out, just make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Storyline 360. Then watch this video by our CTO Arlyn Asch to see how easy it is to add Storyline interactions to your Rise courses.

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James Lavis

Hey Ashely,

I'm  going to figure out a way to post an example as the content is highly confidential. As for iOS, I'm always up to date. The weird behavior is that on the PC version you can just click and interact with the storyline block. In iOS, it places a play button across the block and goes into an isolation mode.

Adam Schwartz

Hi James - what you're describing is the intended behavior for Storyline content on a phone. It's the same approach for how iOS handles videos, for instance. Video gets a play button on the phone and then goes full-screen when clicked. This is done due to the limited real estate on the phone. The same approach is taken for Storyline content. 

James Lavis

Have to agree with Daniel as I spend the time to craft a nice flow. On the PC it works so well, the big ugly play button and the jump into a full screen window is a little odd. It's nice to have this feature but I question on whether or not I use it now as the mobile experience is very different.

Claes Weise Mørkeberg

Sounds like a great feature!

Will the Storyline block only work with projects hosted at Articulate 360?

The company I work for host the Storyline projects themselves so in case we are forced to use Articulate 360 that would be a game breaker, unfortunately, and a reason for not using Rise.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kamille, 

Yes, to pull the Storyline courses into Rise you'd need to upload them to Articulate Review. Once you've pulled that into your Rise course, you can delete the Storyline version from Review. 

You could keep another external copy of the Storyline file on your normal hosting platform for use outside of Rise or look to work exclusively within Storyline which will still look awesome on your mobile devices using the responsive player. 

Are you looking to host the Rise course elsewhere too? Let me know if there are other parts that you're unsure of! 

Ernst Huber

Storyline blocks in Rise would be awesome ...

1) with data exchange with the Rise module and/or the LMS made possible

2) and Storyline block on small screens not displayed as a big black uninspired play button which is far from elegant (for example: Vimeo videos never display this way even on small screens - at least on Android, don't know of Apple devices > see Adams reply above)

In particular because of point 2) I can't use this great future > wouldn't be accepted by the customer :-(

How about a user definable preview image for Storylien blocks which would get displayed on small screens as long as the module itself hasn't loaded yet?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ernest, Rachel, David and Ruth! 

Ernest and David,  The idea of the preview image sounds really interesting! I can definitely share that with my team, and I also wanted to make sure you had the link handy to share other ideas or feature requests  with us right here. 😁 

Rachel,  No defined size - since Rise is responsive, it's going to resize and scale to fit the device you're using. The embedded Storyline block will also resize and be displayed within the responsive player if not viewed on a desktop set up. 

Ruth, It looks like your post is here now? If you saw it greyed out initially that's a part of spam filtering process but not to worry our team monitors that regularly and releases legitimate posts back to the forums (we were off for the Thanksgiving holiday the past couple days - so a bit of a delay!). If you need anything else or have other posts that aren't appearing let me know - it's probably something we'd want to take a look at in your ELH account and that is best handled in a Support case. 

Claes Weise Mørkeberg

Integrating Storyline courses in Rise is really a great feature and is something that has made it worthwhile exploring Rise more.

Currently the company I work for is testing integration of Rise in Moodle.
The only problem I see is what results are sent from Rise to Moodle. There is a demand that results from individual Storyline modules are visible in Moodle, so it does not seem like we will be able to use Rise for the time being.

We need to be able to see results from individual Storyline modules integrated in Rise sent to Moodle or any other LMS for that reason. I understand that it is something being worked on now so it would be great to know how prioritized that is ie. if we can expect to see this in the not too distant future?