Remove Course Cover Page in Microlearning

Apr 03, 2023

The new microlearning feature adds a very large header space (cover page wrapper in CSS) that I'd like to remove. That is, there's a large gap between the title and the arrow and the actual microlearning quiz. It looks awkward and doesn't mesh with the idea of microlearning. Is there a way to remove this space in microlearning?

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Eric Etkin

Please consider that the users we're designing lessons for typically want to achieve their learning with as little time and required action as possible. I'd imagine that's true for the bulk of Rise designers.

From both a design and learning standpoint, having a massive header image that we can't remove is at odds with the whole point of the microlearning. Sure, it looks pretty, but it's adding useless padding and scroll for the UX. 

Christopher Santos

Hi Eric,

Technically, you can still use your LMS package for viewing your Microlearning on your web server.  After publishing, extract your LMS zipped file and look for the scormcontent folder (as shown in the example below):index

Upload this scormcontent folder to your web server and grab the URL for the index.html to view it as a website.

Here's a sample link you can use to check out what it looks like:

It's not how it's meant to be used, but it may help in a pinch.

Ahmed Jendeya

I believe this is an important issue that is good to be solved. 

For example, I need to share interactive sample with potential client. So, I would like the client to hit directly to the interactive without the cover page. 

I do not need to publish to LMS or Web at this stage. Just sharing through Rise. 

Any ideas btw?  

Lea Agato

Hi Ahmed,

We've added the option to remove the course cover page for LMS exports, and we're hoping to get feedback that this design works well! We're considering adding it for web exports as well. Since the Share link is not a long-term hosting solution, we won't consider this feature for Share link output.

Ahmed Jendeya

Hi Lea,

Thank you for your response.

In spite of the case I mentioned, I maintain my belief that it would be beneficial to grant developers the flexibility to decide whether they want to retain the cover page or not. Alternatively, providing an option to convert it into a banner image could be considered. 

Thank you!


Gren Foronda

Hi Megan!

You can follow Chris's instructions above to publish your Rise 360 course to LMS. Make sure to enable the new option to Hide Cover Page before publishing, as shown below:

hide cover page

Once you have published to LMS, unzip the output, and you'll find the scormcontent folder.

Instead of uploading the content folder that you generate when publishing to Web, upload this scormcontent folder to your web server instead.

 Hope this helps! Please let us know if you need further assistance on this matter.