Restore an older version of a 360 course without affecting the current published version

Good morning,

Is it possible to restore an older version of a course, but it won't affect the newest published one?  I want to create a new course from some lessons from the older version that were removed from the newest published one.

Can you provide direction on how to do this please.


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Mickey Tortorelli


The current version is already published and I've exported the scorm file
and it's on the LMS.

However, an older version that I published contains the lessons I deleted
in the newly published version.

If I restore the version that contains the lessons I deleted, will it
affect / delete the newly published version. I don't want that to happen
because it's up to date. Below is a screenshot of the course created in
Rise, showing Version 11, and I can click on 'Restore this version'.

[image: Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 1.46.45 PM.png]

I simply want to go into an older published version - which is version 11,
restore it if I can, and access the lessons that I need (which I'm going to
copy and put into a new course).

I just want to be 100% sure that if I 'restore' this older published
version, it will not delete or affect the current published version, which
I've already exported the SCORM file and is on the LMS. I basically want
both courses to be available to me.

I hope I'm communicating what I need clearly.

Thanks for your help!


Mickey Tortorelli, CTDP
Founder & CEO,
BeauteSchool Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario

Chino Navarro

Hi Mickey. I am sorry, but your screenshot didn't go through, but I think you are referring to the Restore button in Review 360? Is that correct?

Here is a sample screenshot:

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