Rise 360: How to add a free response survey question

Hello eLearning Community,

Does anyone know how to add a survey question into Rise? I created an eLearning course in Rise and wanted learners to be able to give feedback directly within the course. 

Because there is no survey option, I added an interactive knowledge check block and used a fill-in-the-blank question. The only problem is when a learner responds i.e. submits their answer, they will receive a message that says their answer is "Incorrect."

Despite writing verbiage thanking the learners for their feedback "for any response"  (as opposed to incorrect/correct responses), the feedback always says that their submission is incorrect. Is there a way to ask a question and disable whether the answer is correct/incorrect so that learners to not see correct/incorrect after they submit their responses?


Thank you!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Cecilia!

Thanks for letting us know you need a survey block in Rise 360. That's a popular request, and we'll send you an update if we add that feature in the future!

For now, I would suggest designing a survey in a third-party survey tool, then embed the survey seamlessly into your Rise 360 lesson using a Multimedia Embed block. Use this iframe code format for easy embedding! <iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>

Give it a try, and let me know if you need help along the way. 😁