Rise 360 - Note Taking Feature?

Sep 16, 2021

Hello everyone,

I was recently building a bit of a technical course using Rise 360 and one of my observations was that it would be great if there was a note-block, or perhaps overlay on Rise 360 courses that allowed people to take notes, save resources, create their own checklist/resource list etc. and then print it or save it as a PDF post course completion.

Is this a feature that is being considered?



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Renz Sevilla

Hi Justin! Thanks for reaching out! 

We don't have a Notes feature or in Rise yet, however, we're currently tracking requests for this. I'll add you to this list and let you know if we make any changes that help!

In the meantime,  in Storyline 360 you can create a block with a text entry field and insert this as an SL Block in Rise 360. These fields as notes, won't report the content to the LMS and no individual answers/question data will be passed on to the LMS.

Julie Mahony

Hi Renz - add me to the list of people wishing for a Notes Block! It would be such a great addition! I am not a coder so it would be a game changer for people like me! You could even add a function for people to email the Note Block to themselves for reference later on or discussion with a Manager after the learning activity. Thanks :)

Kerry Scott

I agree this would be a great feature. Also, for accessibility, learners who prefer to take notes as they learn tend to struggle with this when completing eLearning. I note the functionality is there for Admins to download a course to PDF (not perfect but roughly works - this would also be a good feature for users.