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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Christa! I'm sorry you're having trouble with videos. We don't have an incident right now impacting video uploads. Try these ideas, and if they don't work, let's privately have a look at an example video that is giving you trouble:

  • Make sure your video is smaller than 5 GB.
  • Try the same video in a different lesson.
  • Refresh your browser tab.
  • Clear your browser cache or try a different browser.

Let us know how you make out!

Christa Meer


I have reviewed the file and it is not larger than 5gb.  It is actually 3mb.   I have tried to upload the same, and a different video, to a different course altogether.  I have received the same result - it is just processing.   I have cleared cache, restarted, and rebooted.

What else can I test or what other questions should i consider?    I have also tried a different browser.  I am using chrome and this is wehre the problem persists.  I tried IE11 and it is the same...

Thank you